We invite you to celebrate our love and to witness
the beginning of our new life together as one


Thank you for taking the time to visit our Wedding Website. We've created this website as a convenient, fun, and special way for family and friends who are both near and far to participate and celebrate with us. This is the place you'll find every piece of information you will need regarding our wedding celebration. We hope you'll use it to get to know us better and keep up-to-date on our future plans.


We are so excited to be spending this special time with family and friends we hold so dear to our hearts. We are so grateful for all the positive influences in our lives. Thank you to all our family and friends for your love and support over the years.


Thanks for sharing our joy! Before leaving the site, please be sure to drop us a quick note in our virtual Guest Book.


Quick Contact

Ashalen Reddy

Cell: 083 656 6690
Email: alwyn_reddy@yahoo.com

Stacey Naicker

Cell: 076 523 6009
Email: staceyninc@icloud.com

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